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Syrien und Israel

Sonntag, 5.5.2013    

keine noch so schlimme politische Entwicklung läßt sich ausschließen.

Die Bevölkerung Syriens muß momentan besonders schwer leiden. Aktuellere Einsichten dazu (leider nur) auf Englisch, wieder vom Angry Arab, in "al-akhbar".

" ... The conflict in Syria has long been outside of the hands of the Syrian people. It is not that a local-internal conflict became regional and international over a two years period. No, it was regional-international from the start. The US and its clients in the Arab counter-revolution movement were ready to steer Arab uprisings in a direction that pleases US and Israel. The fall of Mubarak required the fall of the Assad regime although the US and Israel are discovering that they can continue to do business with the Muslim Brotherhood.
This is not to say that the Syrian people don’t have more than a hundred reasons to overthrow the Syrian regime. They do, but this was not about the underlying causes of revolt in Syria. ... "

mag wer übersetzen?