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Samstag, 13.1.2007    

(deutsch da drüben)

Here a short English introduction to this blog.

This is a private german blog, started in a first version 2003. So it is written mainly in German only, but ...

For peace and other political topics international stories are always interesting for me, even in english only, mostly without spending time for a translation. I look after international blogs (i.e. mostly english language) as well.

For some time now I categorize stories with some english content as "Englisch", so you can easily look for them by clicking "Englisch" in the "Kategorien"-Block at the right searching (will be repaired).

Please feel free to comment or trackback in English! If you or I consider it necessary I can add a translation for local readers.

BTW, all comments and trackbacks are open moderated - so it is unavoidable to use heavy automatic filtering. English language entries especially tend to get filtered away, so I have to catch them afterwards and publish them manually. If necessary, please back up by mail, thank you!