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Bush erklärt (amerik.)

Montag, 10.7.2006    

... I’d like to set the record straight on how I feel about my fellow faux-Texan, president Bush.
Its not that I disagree with his policies, or worldview, or anything as abstract as a “political position”. Rather, I believe our president is an election-stealing, naive, war-mongering, self-deceiving, plastic, impulsive idiot fuck who was conjured by the dark prince himself. His mission is to destroy my country, to make the world even more chaotic, and to sell America and Americans alike to greedy scum sucking house flies with the biggest bank accounts, and most hookers.

eigentlich lese ich den wg. Drupal.

und ich wollte eigentlich mehr zum "Besuchsprogramm" für den Herrn bringen, dauert halt