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Samstag, 13.1.2007    

CD CoverNot suitable for small children or Republicans More Enlish below.

;-) So Peter Tracy (kein Link mehr) zu seiner jüngsten politischen CD.

zu meiner Überraschung hat Peter hier per Kommentar reagiert "Greetings from California", als ich vor ein paar Tagen seinen Impeachment-Song verlinkte - ich bin natürlich begeistert über solche transatlantische Resonanz!

nun wieder Englisch ...

Hello Peter,
also für other "monolingual Americans" ;-)

I am very happy to hear from you. It is quite interesting you're going to tour Europe. This is a private blog, not much help for such a tour, but I look forward to spread your news here again!

MAPC-LogoFor now I especially like to show you the links to the "Munich American Peace Committee" (english page, german version there as well).

These are US-Citicens living in the Munich region and joining for peace activities in Germany, as well as supporting US war resistors. They are well known and liked very much in the local peace community! For your tour I recommend to contact them as well ..

Following this international dialogue I even added an english "About" to the menu!